Bottle of AEGEA Olive Oil
Learn more about the science and health benefits of olive oils.
Olive oil in bottle
Cold Pressed & Early HarvestED
We are 100% made in Crete, Greece. All of our olives are still green when harvested and cold pressed within a few hours thereafter to maximize health benefits and taste.
Olive in a jar
Single Origin Monovariety
All of our olives are bottled with 100% Koroneiki Olives.  Koroneiki is a preferred olive oil variety, known as the queen of olives, and smaller in nature but packed with polyphenols and oleic acid.  Moreover, our olives are single origin from Greece.
Olive oil as salad dressing
Our olive oil is organically certified by the European Union through the BIO HELLAS Inspection Authority.  EU Organic through BIO HELLAS is an accredited certification body that provides inspection and certification services for the organic products in accordance with EU regulations.  It is one of the strictest regulations to adhere to.