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single origin Aegean olive

AEGEA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively with single origin Aegean olive varieties from the Mediterranean basin.  One of our flagship products is made using the Koroneiki variety of olives that are organically grown and EU certified. Koroneiki, otherwise known as the Queen of Olives, is a small olive variety, recognized globally as one of the highest quality varieties with an aromatic essence and endorsed by medical professionals for its high and unique polyphenol variety. AEGEA Koroneiki olive oil exhibits a rare harmonic complexity, with notes of unripe olives, aromatic herbs, citrus, pepper & green tomatoes. A slight spicy bitterness & pungency results from the high polyphenol count, an insignia of its authenticity.

A Simple Idea From Crete, Greece

The idea was simple, find and grow the best possible organic olives with the most powerful health beneficial characteristics, and harvest them as early as possible in a gentle manner to produce high quality olive oil.  Our extra virgin olive oil is sometimes described as having a medium-robust body, leafy green flavors mixed with ripe fruit, also enabling one to drink the EVOO directly day-to-day.

Map of Aegean Sea and Crete
Olive oil in bottle

highest oleic acid olive subtypes

Our olive varieties that we choose are among the highest oleic acid olive subtypes, designed to promote lifespan through Sirt1 gene activation.* Packed with an abundance of polyphenols including hydroxytyrosol, oleocanthal & oleacein, these compounds are well recorded to reduce inflammation & reduce the risk of diseases by Harvard scientists.*

* these statements are not medically verified or reviewed by the FDA.

Aegean origin Virgin olive oil

We work with a number of Greek farmers’ olive groves from around the Aegean vicinity making up the origins of our extra virgin olive oil.  Some of the farmers we work with have been part of a tradition of olive farming dating back centuries.  Together, our community stretches an area equivalent to hundreds of hectares of olive fields.

Olive fruits in tree
Olive fruits in tree

Mediterranean Olive profiles

Our olive oil embodies the characteristics typical of the soil that give it its personality, character and fruity profile as a consequence of a unique continental Mediterranean microclimate and fertile lands which nestle the ocean.